Institutional Profile & Policy Review

In reviewing our clients' institutional ownership bases, we provide insight into their top investors' internal voting procedures, policies and voting history. We also consider whether they practice rigid, "policy" voting versus more flexible, company-specific voting, their degree of coordination with the investment management side of their organizations (i.e. equity analysts and portfolio managers), and their openness to pre-proxy dialogue directly with company management.

Frequently this process will identify one or two potential "swing" institutional investors that practice flexible, company-specific voting, and where direct dialogue between them and the company can help ensure their support. In these cases, we advise our clients on the likely questions and issues the investor will focus on, help them to prepare and organize the appropriate information, and set up and participate in the call. Following the call, we can also "debrief" the investor on how useful they felt the call and information was, similar to a third party "perception study" interview.

Our goal is to identify the flexible, "swing voters" who can inform our clients of their informational needs and preferences, and who may provide needed support when provided with clear, compelling messaging.