Vote Projections

In helping our clients make informed decisions, we project the vote on their likely voting issues, under a range of potential scenarios. These include management proposals, including equity compensation proposals, the newly-mandated Say on Pay and Say When on Pay proposals, and director withhold votes generated by a range of underlying factors, as well as on shareholder-sponsored proposals.

These projections often identify seemingly subtle changes to the proposals or their presentation designed to secure the support of one or more key investors or investor groups and help our clients make important decisions such as whether to oppose or accept shareholder-sponsored proposals. They are also at the foundation of the development of solicitation messaging and outreach tactics designed to secure maximum favorable response from each unique shareholder/voter constituency.

During the actual campaigns, we measure our progress against these projections, allowing us to identify in real-time any potential shortfall of results versus projections, in time to implement appropriate tactical recommendations to keep the campaign on track to achieve the desired outcome. This same process underlies post-meeting reviews of tactics, messages and outcomes with an eye toward identifying future improvements.